Saturday, September 22, 2012

Draft pictures for future work

Angie noticed that the males of the pygmy tribe were sad and knew what she could do to raise their spirits up.

Future work that should be done next weekend. Wanted to give a little preview on what I've been doing.


  1. Wow!! Great update!! :) great to see Angie's smile and big tits! An that robe was nicely cut! So look like a hanging drape being the only thing to cover her vulva ;) can't wait to see what Angie does to all those cocks with her big tits, or her hands and both her lips ;)!!!!

  2. Happy you like it Salchichan :) Both of these will be comics so multiple pages of it. Angie will be doing plenty of naughty things to these lucky gnomes.

  3. I cannot wait! Hope to see her nice smile meaning she enjoying it all! ;)

  4. I never thought i'd wish to be a dwarf...^^

  5. If you have a WoW character Lana I can use him in the comic. Just tell me the armory info in a pm at either darknest or celestial temptation

    1. Sounds great! :)
      Left a pm at celestial. That draenei in your short-comic with the father "buying" some love was pretty hot, she inspired me for one of my chars ;)

  6. Very nice,hope to see the Draenei soon ;)